Thursday, May 9, 2013

Field trip to Arruda's Dairy Farm

A friend called and said she arraigned a field trip to the dairy farm would I like to join them.  SURE.  We are always up for a fun field trip and this was free!

We learned many new things like, when you buy local you can ask the farmer as many questions as you like and he will answer them.  At Arruda's they do it all themselves.  They grow their own feed for the cows.  They raise the cows from birth.  Some cows become used for beef, some for breeding and some for milk.  

Our tour started at the barn with the calves.  They are so cute.  A one week old one tried sucking on Sam's shirt, hands, face what ever she could get in her mouth.  So funny.

 Then we went outside and learned about the teenagers- aka the trouble makers.  They are beautiful creatures.

 Then we learned about how they grow their own feed for the cows.  How it is stored and the equipment they use to plant the crops and harvest the crops.

They no longer use silo's to store the feed they use a very expensive equipment to put the feed into these huge bags and store it like that, It keeps out all the bacteria and is much easier to use.  

Then we learned about the dairy cows, and how they are milked.  We were happy to find that they do not use hormones or antibiotics in their milk.  

We had a very fun tour of the dairy farm.  I hope we can go back again one day.

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