Friday, September 6, 2013

I LOVE IT!!!!!

I love our new curriculum.  I am so happy that I finally bought Heart of Dakota!  I asked Sam what she thought and she said its COOL.  LOL Did I say how much I love it? Can you tell how excited I am.  Its one of those times where I just know this year is going to be fun and full of learning. Just how I always pictures our homeschool journey to be like. 

Confession time.....  I had a blonde or senior moment and I an neither blonde or a senior....

For our first day of school we always do a scavenger hunt for school supplies and fun stuff..
For History we need a globe. Right now space is on the short side.
I thought buying a inflatable one would be the best option. I could deflate it when not in use.
fast forward to first day of school. I hid this globe in my chandler.  Not my smartest move yet
but hey it would have been ok except the clouds chose that moment of us starting the hunt to completely cover the sun and make all go somewhat dark. Samantha requested the light to go on so she could read her clues.
Yep after her finding a few items we hear this popping sound.
where the globe rested on 2 of the light bulbs it  melted the plastic thus sending our precious globe to the ground with big gaping holes in it. :(  my nice $15 huge globe no longer usable. It just arrived in the mail a few day before.

So today much to my dismay I had to order a new one as we are going to use a globe quit often.  I hope this one arrives as quickly as the first one did.  

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