Saturday, August 31, 2013

Homeschool Activities....

So a friend of mine got a letter the other day from her schools superintendent. In it he asked her to provide him with 6 things, one of them being what was her plan to socialize her daughter.  I think its a big joke to even ask that. Most homeschoolers have their children out involved in many things they actually socialize more then public schooled kids.  But it did get me thinking. Just how much time does an average homeschool kid gets out compared to a normal public schooled kid.  I think that would be hard to even prove.  But I do look at what Samantha gets to do and I know that if she was in school there is no way she would do all she does.  There wouldn't be enough time or energy to do so.  I think people are so hung up on the whole socialized concept because they are beginning to realize just how well homeschooled kids do academically compared to public/ private schooled kids.

So with that said here is all my child will be doing this school year.

Mondays- Baton at CD Rec
Tuesday- Free Homeschool Ice skating at the Abby, Homeschool meet up at the park for as long as people keep going. 
Wednesday- GIRLS FOR HORSES Horsemanship workshop 2 hours spent at a farm learning all about horses and how to care for them.
Thursdays-Homeschool Co-op 3 classes each an hour Biology, History and Art. Skating at night for her lessons. 
Friday-Wow is Friday the only day we don't have something planned besides the weekends?

Starting in Oct a class at my home teaching Samantha and a few friends all about our states.

I can't forget the once a month class at the museum.    

Then here are a few things floating around in my brain that I might do with her:

  Dance lessons and/or Karate at the rec center, an art class with a group, Music class at our public school and a friend has been asking about doing the cooking class/sewing craft class at my house. 

 After you read this do you still think my child is going to be the weird  unsocialized homeschooler??? So do you think my child is not socialized enough or maybe too much?  There is no way she could do any of this if she was in school.  It does sound like a lot but if you look at it as she gets out every day just like if she was in school she isn't out more.  Just out in a different environment and situations then school. 

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