Saturday, August 24, 2013

My thoughts...

So just a few thoughts rattling around my mind today.....

  • I need to get more ink so I can send out my letter of intent. (yes a little procrastination going on here) the letter is written I just need to get the ink.  
  • I need to organize all the school stuff and do it NOW
  • I need to decide on what extra stuff we will be doing this fall there is so much to choose from:                               homeschool co-op, museum classes, free ice skating, field trips, art classes, music class at                   the school and so much more.
  • figure out what extra activities she will take- dance, baton, sports or ice skating
  • make a list of supplies I do need to buy
  • wondering if the new principal at the school is going to let Samantha take music like the old one did. and I wont know until school starts, he calls me and we have our yearly meeting.
This month has been a tough one with car problems and now the need to buy a new car and having no car at the moment has me very stressed.  Three weeks without an income is stressing me too.  My client took a vacation and I don't get paid while she is away.  Finding 2 new jobs. One started right away but is only every other week, cleaning someones house. Then the other job putting meds in this man's feeding tube but it doesn't start until next week sometime.  Trying to plan at least Sept school time, work time and free time with the thoughts that I don't have a car is difficult.  I hate things being so up in the air.  Trying to make it all work.  
We had a few changes in our house also this summer.  Mike(my oldest son) moved home. So we have had to rearrange all out school stuff to fit mostly in Samantha's room.  Even though I lost our school room this is where Mike belongs for now.  We did have my granddaughters visiting off and on throughout the summer. I was so much fun to have them here.  

Finding out I have Lyme had us change some summer plans.  Being in the sun too long hurt so we didn't get in as much outside fun that I had planned.  Less time in the water.  Now that I can be in the sun we only had a few really good days for it. But with a lack of car no way of getting there.  A good friend Rachel picked us up for the beach a few times. We also went to a few movies in the park nights.  

So I guess I can't complain too much about our summer.  There are many things that will have to wait for next year to do. But we still had some fun.  

We also had some good things happen... a friend gave us a perfectly good computer that she thought was messed up.  Didn't want it back when Steve fixed it himself she already bought a new one.  Finding all of Sam's curriculum at a great deal.  Most I spent pennies for.  Amazon is a great resource for homeschoolers.  

So these are the things that keep going round and round in my mind today.  I hope you all have a great weekend.    

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