Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good deals...

So in my last post I talked about procrastinating about sending in my letter of intent due to the lack of ink in my printer. I didn't think it would be cool to send it in to them in blue or another color ink.  But it paid off for me...
I went last week to buy ink but they didn't have my kind in the size I wanted to buy.  they only had the double package or the XL one.  I wanted the cheap o one.  The single package.  The XL one doesn't live up to having more like it says.  I didn't have the extra $$ to buy the double package.  

So I really need to get the letter out so I went back to Walmart and all they had again with the 2 sizes I didn't want.  But since I didn't have my own car I didn't want to drive around much.  So I bought the double package.  

When you buy the double packages at Walmart you get a gift card for $5.  Now that's a bargain.  So I actually saved money by getting it that way. Its normally $15 for one cartridge and it was going to be $25 for the double pack so this works out I got them both for $10 a piece.   I just love when I get deals.  

I am not sure if its just the HP brands the girl didn't  know.  But I have to remember this so I can get this deal again.  

So Monday my letter is going out.

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