Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Outside activities...

Samantha goes to a coop once a week at Calvary Bible Church. They meet up and do an art project and gym.  Its been fun. Each week the parents take turns bringing an art project to do and a snack.  Then after about an hour or so they go into the gym and do gym.

Last week they had to present the Diorama they made.

Samantha picked the book Mia An American Girl.

Then she picked the seine she wanted to do.

Then she got to work planning it.  With lots of frustration because she couldn't use what she wanted she settled on play doh, sticks, a polly pocket that I sewed cloths for, water color pencils, paper, a shoe box and tin foil.

The end result.....

I love this little co op. They have done some fun things with it.  Field trips to the science museum and the ice skating rink.  Show and tell day was a blast kids brought things like their hamsters, a bunny, toy guns, rock collection, game collection, items from Tanzania, pocket knife and Samantha brought the collection of money she has from other countries.  The ladies are all so nice.  I am glad we joined.

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