Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I wasn't going to post about the book until we finished rowing it. BUT we have had so much fun with Owl Moon that I wanted to post all we have done so far. this has been over the last 2 weeks....

We started the row talking about the relationship between the father and son in the book to her relationship with her father.  We talked about special times she has had with her dad.  She talked about the fun playing games for family night and the vacations we have taken as a family.

We talked about rules and why they are important. But sometimes a parent can choose to bend a rule for a good reason. Like extending bed time for one night if there is something fun planned.  How if we had no rule life would be chaotic.  We talked about why it is important for her to follow the rules even when its hard.

We talked about maturity, self control, bravery and realistic expectations. How the dad in the story believed his son was mature enough to go out owling.  We talked about times when Samantha showed self control and when she didn't. What happens with both.

We talked about the setting of the book. Woods in the northern part of our country. I really need to get her out in the woods to just look while there is still snow on the ground. She has been out in the woods but playing.  Talked about the Owls habitat and what other creatures live there.

We talked about how fun it was for his first experience.

We have fun with the literary device - Hyperbole.  just saying it is fun... pronounced high purr bow lee.  We even noticed in life how some kids at Thursdays coop used it in their story.  it is an exaggeration or over statement made for the purpose of emphasis.

We talked about using imagery in words.  How to make a person see what your saying with your words.   I had her go to the window and describe the tree in the yard.  I wrote her sentence.  Then I had her draw the tree how her sentence described it.

We talked about how the story was in first person.  About the Art detail in the book. The Aerial view seems to be the owl looking down on them in some of the pictures.

For math we talked about time. About how many seconds are in a minute, how many minutes in an hour and how many hours in a day and how many minutes in 24 hours. She then raised her arms to what she thought was a minute and she came very close both times. The first time she held them for 64 seconds and the second time 55 seconds.  We also talked about when time is altered how sometimes time seems to take longer then it really is or is shorter then it really is. Usually its shorter when we are having fun and longer when we are not having fun or waiting for something. We also talked about how many hours of daylight and dark there is and how it differs in the different season.  

We listened to some owl sounds on an app on my kindle. Then I looked it up on the web and found some better sounds.  This website has many different types of owls listed and is sounds much better then the kindle app OWL SOUNDS

She learned about Owls.  We read a book that was free on the kindle last week Owls. I just checked its now $0.99. The book had lots of information in it.  She then did a lap book well our version of lap booking.  I have her complete the work then we glue it on card stock to go in our FIAR binder.  

I ordered owl pellets from here Owl pellets. This was lots of fun to do.
Some things you would have heard our of Samantha's mouth if you we
re at my house...

This is gross

This is so gross and cool

I am not enough of a tom boy to like this

wow that owl ate a lot of creatures

EWWW this is so gross (as she leaned on it)

This smells gross
I wasn't prepared to do this lets do it another day
wow look at all these bones
I only like finding the skulls

My cat went crazy when it first came in. He could smell it inside the mailing envelope. He then went crazy trying to get it out of the package. He even got a hold of it at one point and we couldn't find it.  Here is the pellet when he was finally caught...

It was very interesting doing this.  Samantha enjoyed it. When I asked her what we should do with the bones if we should throw them away she got very upset. She wants me to save them. Not going to happen.  Once she finishes putting them on the chart in the garbage they go.  (we did this over a couple of days)

We did a craft today making a snowy owl out of a pinecone. We were supposed to use cotton balls but I couldn't find them. So we used stuffing used in making stuff animals or pillows.  They came out interesting....

On Monday we went to the museum of Natural History for its once a month homeschool class.  This month was a viewing of the planetarium.  She also did different crafts and scavenger hunt for answers around the museum.  They have on display in one room many different stuffed creatures.  There was a few owls there.. 

We are also continuing doing the magic school bus kit the secret of space.  

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