Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A typical school day at the Mathias homeschool...

So I thought I would share what a typical day is like.

Our day started with driving Daddy to work (we have one car at the moment).

Then we went to homeschool ice skating at 9 am (we get to skate at the Abby every Tuesday for free)                                                               Samantha and her best friend Bristel

We came home to start our school day...
First She worked on her math in her Math U See book working on multiplication.
Then She did some Grammar in her work book then she had fun as we did a few Mad Libs

She did her science learning about animal habitats and the food chain.

Then her favorite Five in A Row. We are rowing the book Owl Moon.  
  • We read the book 
  • We talked about the father and child relationship
  • We talked about the Literary Device- Hyperbole (an exaggeration made for the purpose of emphasis)
  • We talked about When Time is Altered- discussed times when time seemed to stand still or when time seemed to go so fast.  
  • We then read a book to go along with this White Owl, Barn Owl by Nicola Davies.  Good book and gave me the idea that we should make a nest box to put in the woods at grandma's house. Maybe grandpa can make it with Samantha.   
This book is going to be so much fun and take at least 2 weeks there is so much to do with it.

After FIAR we started the Magic School Bus kit on The Secrets of Space Today was all about stars and why can't we see them during the day.  

Our "school" day was officially over but we then watched a video on netflix- the Dear America Series.  

Every day in homeschooling is different. Today we didn't do anything in history but most days we do history. 
Learning takes place all day long.  Samantha is hooked on the tv series cake boss the next great baker.  Today as she watched it she played with our homemade play dough and she created cakes out of it as she watched the show.  

I made the play dough 2 days ago and she can't stop playing with it.  Its very soft and smells nice. You make it by using 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part hair conditioner.  

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