Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five in a Row Very Last First Time

We had lots of fun rowing this book.

We first learned about the Inuit Culture and watched a few youtube video's on them.  Here are some links to the videos we found interesting... Inuit singing  walking under the sea for mussles A sesame street video on the arctic living conditions  check out my pinterest page for more ideas. Some people have done so many fun things with this book.

Since its been cold here with snow we talked about appropriate clothing.  Here is a picture of her dressed for a day out in the snow as she went out we talked about the difference in our cold weather to theirs..

She researched mussels all by herself and wrote down what she learned.  We talked about Art detail and the type of art they used in the books called pointillest. I will be posting her picture as soon as I take a picture of it.  (just trying to catch up here)

This book covered many subjects  family relationships, first time experiences, Good titles for a book eye catching titlesVocabulary, ordinal numbers and what to do for safety and crisis thinking.  How staying calm will help you decide what to do when something bad happens.

The last thing we did was eat mussels.  I found a frozen package of them at walmart.  One night for supper I cooked them for her to try. She has had them before but we always try and cook something to go along with the book. She was fine eating it until her annoying older brother started telling her gross things about them.

Pictures to come soon.....

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