Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Its been a while....

since my last post.  Things have gotten very crazy  here.  

Back in August my oldest son Mike moved back home.  He took the school room for his room.  Things got a little cluttered as I tried very hard to move all our stuff into Samantha's room and our dinning room.

Then in November my youngest son Nick came home for good from the army he served his 4 years and is now out to start his new journey... College!  I am happy for him but we only have a 3 bedroom. Thinking Nick was moving out soon(apartment fell through) he took up space in Samantha's room. She bunked down in my room.  I boxed up some of her toys in rubber made tubs placing those in the hall so she can play with them and tried to get out all the school stuff I thought I might need.  Things became more cluttered.  

So now we are here in the new year in our tiny 3 bedroom place,  4 adults and one child.  I am very happy my children are home and are safe.  Both boys fulfilling their contracts with the army starting new lives. This Christmas was the first Christmas in 4 years that my 3 children were together.  Did this moms heart good!

Then comes the second job.  Was I crazy taking on another job?  Yes and no.  I was needed for a brief time in this mans life to help make things easier for him.  He was 93yo and dying.  But doing so things became even more crazy I had no time. Between homeschooling and my 2 jobs I felt I was never home.  Samantha prayed daily that there would be a way for mommy to be home more. Just as I was about to tell them I can't do all the hours I had Pete took a turn for the worse and I knew the end was near. Talked to Sam and I stayed on until the end.  

Things are settling down now.  Through this all I had to stop one of the best curriculum's I have tried. I just didn't have the time to plan and do it with her. It was Heart of Dakota.  I was sad to stop but it was taking too much time.  The stress of everything was too much.  So we continued with the 3 R's and Five in a Row.  We really love Five in a Row and hoped we could do both.  So once things are truly settled here we will go back to both but for now We keep rowing our FIAR books and the 3 R's.  

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