Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Another fun FIAR book Mirette on the High Wire

This was a fun row.

We talked about Paris France and it was fitting that her brother went to Paris right before Christmas and brought her back some of the coins.  We talked about what she remembered from our row of Madeline.  Amazingly she remembered a lot.

We talked about maps and where on the map the places that were mentioned in the story.  

It was fun talking about talents.  She was able to talk about her talent of ice skating and how practicing and not giving up will help her achieve her goals of figure skating.

We talked about Boasting and how it makes others feel bad and is not a nice thing to do. About why people boast and how to try and not boast.

We revisited occupations.  We drove around the city to find different places to talk about who works there.

Vocabulary was interesting this row.  With words like protegee, stupendous, hemp, winch, vagabond and a few more.

We did a fun lesson of compound words.

I put painters tap on the dinning room floor and had her pretend she was a tightrope walker.  Had her do a somersault and see how hard it was to do in a straight line.

We went through the book and talked about the art detail. About complementary colors on the color wheel and how its used in the book.

Math- we did a lesson on Lines and points.

Science- learned about copper and how it turns green when its oxidizes. How to clean it with salt and vinegar. She then left it out on a napkin to watch what happens after we cleaned it. She didn't dry it just left it wet.  To watch it turn green.

In science we also talked about our ears and how it works with balance balance

We watched some youtube videos of tight rope walkers.  tight rope walker if you google it you will find many youtube videos of them. Or check out my pinterest page I have a few there.

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