Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five in a Row The Story of Ferdinand

This book was so sweet.  Samantha and I both loved it. I wasn't sure if I was going to but it is so sweet.

Here is a youtube video of Disneys cartoon of Ferdinand from 1938.

So the first thing I ususally do with a FIAR row is to do Geography.  So the first thing she learned about was Spain and the Iberian Peninsula.  We talked abotu the people who live there and lived there in the past. How Spain was conquered by many different people including the Romans and the Moors.  Spain was involved in exploring and trading by sea.

For Language Arts we talked about Animal Fantasy Story, how this story includes the reading in the story when it asks what you would do and repetition in stories.  We also talked about a part of speech called Interjection and watched the you tube video on this.

We talked about many parts of art from the book, humor, drama, symbolism, size and distance, line of design and balance.

Samantha did some measuring of things around the house. I showed her the list I have of her growth just like Ferdinands mom keeps of him.

Science was fun we talked about Cork Oak Trees. I learned something new... where Cork comes from its very interesting. Here is a video all about cork..  CORK.  Then we talked about Vultures briefly.

We watched a video on bull fighting and young kids who learn the skill bull fighting.\

We also talked about Clovers and how the bee was on one.  What family clovers are from  its a legume or a member of the pea family  Its a favorite of bees This lead to bees and honey and how there is different kinds of honey.  I bought some different kinds of honey and we did a taste test.  The Clover honey was very good.  Sweeter...

We did a craft she made a bull out of a toilet paper roll. 

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