Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Field Trips...

We went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. We had a hayride, corn maze, ice cream, got a tiny pumpkin and fed the animals.  It was so much fun.

I love that as homeschoolers we can pick what we want to do. We can go on many wonderful field trips.

We have a few of them planned.  I am trying to fit in a trip up North to American Stone Henge.  I really want to go before the weather gets colder.  My boys use to love going there.

There are a few books we will read with Five in a Row that I want to plan a field trip to go along.  Like when we did How to Make an Apple Pie and See The World  we went apple picking.

Here are some future ideas for field trips to go along with our Five in a Row books...

  • Lentil- we can go to one of the war memorials near us and talk about the war its for and the soldiers that died in that war
  • Another Celebrated Dancing Bear- take Samantha to the ballet and we were just invited to go see the Nut Cracker
  • The Rag Coat- I wish we did this before my trip to NY last weekend and walked along the Appalachian Trail. So we will just have to put this book off until the spring and go back and visit my sister in law and do that walk again :) or maybe go somewhere else along the trail in another state and walk it.
  • The Bee Tree- I was thinking of either going to the animal shelter and visit with the animals after we talk about caring for them.  Or we could visit a music store and look at all the instruments and find somewhere I can take her to listen to musicians. I can pull out my homemade xylophone I made as a child with my dad and play it with her and the one her brother had in middle school.
  • The Finest Horse in Town- we can visit Maine, also with her doing the Girls Horse Club she is exposed to horses maybe have her go somewhere to ride a horse.
  • Follow the Drinking Gourd- I am going to look into if any of the houses around here has and of the hideaways they had back in the time of the underground railroad. My husband's grandfathers grew up in a house with the secret passages and hideaways behind the fireplaces.  Steve also worked in a few houses years ago with the hidden stairways.
  • Wee Gillis- I am going to look into the arts district around here and see if any of them have a display of wool crafts or will give a tour of their studio.  Maybe do a trip to a material/yarn store and look at the wool.  Go to the zoo and look at the sheep.  
  • The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge- go visit the Light houses around here.
  • Mailing May- try and arrange a field trip to the post office or the train depot.  

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