Sunday, October 20, 2013

Learning continues

Things get so busy around here that I stop posting.

Things that we have been doing....

  • Horse club for girls- she goes every other week to a farm and is learning all about horses and how to care for them.
  • Some of the time we get to open gym and craft time with a homeschool group. 
  • Co op classes
  • dance, baton and ice skating lessons
  • music at school
  • gym and craft time at Calvary Bible church  
  • from homeschool ice skating at the Abby
  • and I can't forget the actual school work
We are kept busy and add in my job and we are very busy.  I am about to start a class at my house to learn all about our states too. 

We participated in the National homeschool spirit week.  Here are some fun things we did with it...

Not back to school day at the beach(not part of spirit week)

Homeschool away from home...

PJ day

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