Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peep Science Experiments....

Following a blog post on Facebook I was excited for Samantha to do some Peep Science. The blog is Lemon Lime Adventures.
She wasn't too sure at first as that is one of her favorite Easter candy. But I convinced her it would be fun. She kept trying to lick them. So at first she described the peep in her science journal. She measured the control peep. She guessed what she thought would happen if the peep was put in the microwave.
Then the fun began. In the peep went. He was never the same again.  At first he was very gooey then became very hard and crusty. 

Then Nick came out he wanted to know what crazy stuff we were doing and he joined in the fun.
I asked Samantha to think of what we can use to dissolve the peep completely.
Her idea boil it.  We boiled the water first and dropped the poor peep in. In 60 seconds this is all that was left of it...
NOTHING but yellow water.  

Still thinking She thought maybe vinegar...
only made it a little gooey.

Then Nick suggested bleach
No it only took away all the yellow color and the part that was in the bleach it shrunk.

Now the gross part not sure who thought of it but We peed on it. Yes we did.  That didn't do a thing besides make it a little gooey. Yes we did it in the toilet. We didn't flush the poor peep.  We took it out and put it in the trash. 

Nick then said what about flash freezing it. Out came the can of compressed air. Didn't take long to completely freeze it. then when picked up and dropped it broke into pieces.  Interesting we did put a peep in the freezer forgot about and in a little more then 24 it still wasn't frozen, just cold.  Still edible.  Samantha did  enjoyed it.  
2 videos of the flash freeze peep

The peep in the microwave.

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