Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How we do Five In A Row...

There seems to be some questions on how people use Five in a Row. Here is how I use it with my daughter....
As we finish our row I am already looking to see what will be our next book.  Once I pick a book I then look at all the manual has us doing.  Since my daughter is on the older end of using FIAR I try to do most of the lesson the manual has to offer.  Then I look on pinterest to see what other fun stuff people do. I look on You tube for anything to do with a book we are doing.  Example: Wee Gillis I found videos on bag pipes how they make them and to listen to people play them, videos of the highlands, of Scottish dancing, of Kilt making and a farmer shearing a sheep.  Then I look to see if there is any hands on crafts and lap books.  I even found fun videos of vacationing in Scotland on Netflix.

Each day we do a few activities.

When we lapbook I don't use folders I put it all on card stock and then into our binder...
This is where I put the story disks. I don't have the room in my house for the wall map so we do look at the map to where we are studying. So we kind of use them as our table of contents.

Here are examples of  2 books we have rowed.
title page

 She does this for most books

 some lapbooking and a story about flying

Title page
 science experiments
 some art
 story elements
 some basic math (this book we did early on our adventure in FIAR)
 art lesson

along with what you see here a lot of the lessons in FIAR is verbal.  We both love a mix of types of learning. after this school year is over we are moving on to the last volume in FIAR.  After that she will move onto Beyond FIAR.   I hope you have gotten some good ideas from my blog post.  One little secret I will let you in on I don't do a whole lot of scheduling FIAR.  I love to let it all fall into place.  Our lives are on the crazy busy side so each day I do what seems to fit best instead of having the whole week or 2 planned out for us.  Some rows take 1 week and others take 2.  It seems to work for us. 

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I LOVE the story of Ping! What a neat activity! Bet a LOT of learning happened. :)