Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Its that time of year again

that I in planning mode for the new school year.  I tend to follow when the public schools start. Its easier that way.  We will begin in September 1.

After a lot of thinking, praying and thinking some more I think I know what I will be doing for the fall.......

Fourth Grade school year 2014-2015 (Shedding a few tears that my baby is entering the fourth grade)

Five in a Row Volume 4
Heart of Dakota for History and Science - finish off  Bigger Hearts for His Glory then move on to Preparing
Math workbook from FlashKids and Easy Peasy All in One homeschoolimg
Grammar- workbook and Mobymax (internet)
Spelling You See Level D
Health- The Care & Keeping of you: The Body Book for Girls and the go along lap book

Outside the home classes and groups:
Calvary Bible homeschoolers - art and gym
Spindle City Co op science class
Life Homeschool Group for field trips
Newport Country Childrens Choir (Hopefully they will do it this year again)

Outside the home extra activities:
Baton at the rec center
Ice skating lessons
Free homeschoool ice skating at the Abby

Looking at this list it seems like a lot.  But really its not.

Some of what we are using this year is not what I originally planned. But life has a way of changing things up when we least expect it.  My job is no longer.  My client lost her medicaid due to turing 65 and no long qualifying for it.  That who paid me. So until they decide if they will still allow me even if she no longer has that insurance I will be collecting until I can find a new part time job or get my old one back.  But this threw a wrench into my plans on buying the rest of my curriculum.  So I looked for what fit our needs the most.  So Math u See was out for this year instead I picked up the workbook at the bookstore and will supplement with the internet.  Same goes with the grammar I didn't even begin to know what I wanted to use but no money.  The rest I already had.

I am meeting up with the leader of the Life group and we will be planning how we will co lead this group.  Then after this year I will take over leading it.  I am nervous and excited to take over this group.  Over the last few years enrollment and participation has been very low.  I am looking forward to trying to grow this group and taking it to a different level.  More internet connections will help.

Along with 2 good friends we also started Spindle City Co-op.  We are starting with only one class for each level and see how that goes.  We are hoping its a great success. I would love to add one more class per group.  We will see.  Praying it all works out.

*Edited to change what health program I will be using. Thanks to a friend who told me what she is using this year for health I realized I had the same book and decided that I could use the same with the lap book.

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