Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Summer fun times...

Here is a picture post of all the fun we have had so far this summer.... Its almost over so hopefully we get to make a few more memories before we start school....

Friends and fun times.

Church Service in the park.

fun at the wading pool

Daddy Daughter dancing at Grandparents 50th anniversary party

Movie in the park.  Can you guess the movie??? Yes that is snow in July.

playing in the down pouring rain... so much fun

July 4th

pool time with Charlene

planting day at the Scattering Gardens.  Always doing it in Memory of Abigail Lynn

Playing with her young cousin Aaron.

Alien story time at the Library

Summer ice theater show The Lorax she was the nice Oncler

Her solo at the Summer Show doing the song Popular
 Last field trip of the school year to Lego Land Boston

 VBS at Calvary Bible Church 

First day at VBS Calvary Bible Church

VBS at South Swanse Baptist Church Theme of the day a Super Hero.. She was Super Mom because I am super mom she said

Wear Gold Day at South Swansea VBS

American Stonehenge New Hampshire 
At Stonehenge.  We had so much fun together.
being a human sundial.  She loved it.  

 Fun at Soulfest New Hampshire she was a little scared but she did it

Listening to her favorite singer Britt Nicole! She was in her glories.

showing off their ity bity little cup of Italian Ice

 Beekeeping 101 demonstration we went to

Our Trip to NC visiting Mike and his girls. Sam and Selena being silly

 Fun sleeping in the living room sheet tent.  Fun summer memories.  Look at how Evee sleeps her hands above her head so adorable

Sam and Evee

Beach time with friends.

I didn't think we did so much this summer until this post.  Glad we are making memories.  We are so lucky to have such great family and friends to enjoy our times with.  

I hope your summer was as fun as ours.

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