Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thoughts on homeschooling..

I posted about this before but... I find it funny what others think about homeschooling.

I find it funny how many people will quiz my daughter on what she is learning.  Sadly she is just like her public school peers if asked what did you learn today most kids will say nothing. My daughter is no different.  If you really want to know ask her it differently. You might want to ask me first and I can tell you all about our learning then you can engage my child in a discussion and she will tell you more then you want to know or maybe not.

At dance class a new mom found out we homeschool and she commented on how she could never do that she would kill her kids if she had to be around them all day long. That I find very sad. Sad for the mom all she is missing out on.  Not saying homeschooling is for everyone. BUT to feel that way.

At her other dance class one mom commented on how we do so much. she turned to her daughter and said well that's how homeschoolers keep from being so isolated and unsocialized.  Yes I bit my tongue on that one. I really wanted to say Since we homeschool and Samantha is not in a school for over 7 hours a day and then comes home with 1 - 2 hours of homework we are able to pursue her interests.  We have the time.

I do love the support I have from some friends who thought we were crazy when we started and now they sing my praises. I even have a few friends who have come over to the dark side of life and are beginning their own homeschool journey!  :)

but mostly I find it funny what people think.  Mostly those who have no clue what they are talking about and don't want to know.  Just look up on the internet and you will find all kind of false information about homeschooling.

I do find it sad when parents of public schooled kids get defensive and put down homeschooling just because it makes them uncomfortable.  Its sad that in today's world people who do things differently and lets face it we all do things differently people tend to put down what your doing.  Its like that with anything from schooling to parenting to what kind of clothes you wear.

I love that we homeschool. I love that I am the one who will teach my daughter. I also know that its not always easy. That we have those moments where I wonder if I am screwing her up for life.  Then I see her get it and know we are on the right path for my family.  I also love that through homeschooling we have meet so many wonderful people from all walks of life and my daughter is able to grow an open mind and hopefully wont get judgmental to others choices even if they aren't the ones she will choose.

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