Saturday, April 2, 2016

So how do you do school in your home???

I like to hear how others do school.  Its interesting how each family homeschools.  There are so many methods out there. There are so many different life styles.  Some homeschool parents are home all day others work.  Some spend a lot of time at activities others do many classes.  I try for a healthy balance with working part time, getting school done and doing the fun classes and activities.

Oh and add 2 cats into the mixture this is how Samantha ends up doing school some days. Other days the other cat will try and sit right on her school work.

I do have to say I came up with a new system that seems to be working for us.  Our days can get crazy at times.  Some days she begs me to keep reading history or science.  Some days she is on a roll with math and I don't want to stop that flow.  So I started making instead of a daily schedule but a weekly list of all that I want done that week so if something has really sparked her interest we can keep on going with no interruptions of me going to the schedule to see what pages come next.  I keep the list with each subject books.  It is working amazingly.  It also helps her see what needs doing and how much she has accomplished.  There are times when she gets all school done by Thursday and that means Friday can be fun activity day, get in the car for an adventure day or anything we want to do day.  

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