Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Five in a Row- Hanna's Cold Winter

We just finished up this row.  It was a real fun row for us as the setting is in Hungary and I just found out that my husband and daughter have a lot of Hungarian in them.

So we spent time learning all about Budapest, Hungary. We read the manual, watched a documentary   and looked at video's and pictures of Hungary's folk art, folk dancing and traditional Hungarian music. We watcha short video of a Hungary folk tale  I have a few more websites we looked at for Hungary on my pinterest,  We both really enjoyed learning about Hungary.

We learned about history and what it was like in Hungary during and after WWII.  We learned about the Cog-railway that Tibor's family rode to get to and return from the zoo.  We also learned about the type of the fireplace they showed in the book was from that time period.  We combined science with this when learning about the cog-railway and friction.  We watched the episode of the Magic School bus on Netflix on friction Season 1 Episode 10.  We talked about how at one time people worked 6 days a week and that was normal.  Now if we work that many days its called overtime.  

For language arts I asked Samantha if she could tell me what point of view the story was told from.  Right away she told first person point of view. She was correct. We talked about the parts of the story.  What the conflict is, what the plot is and the resolution is.  We talked about how the Dad like to tell riddles and we looked up a few.  

We talked about the art of the book.  Who the artist was.  How she used water colors to create the beautiful illustrations.  We talked Poetry and said a real cute poem about the Hippopotamus.  We discussed Architecture.  She looked at the Lion Bridge and Cover building.  I then showed her pictures of those in real life and how they still stand today.  If you have time look up the zoo on google maps.  I had her do an oil pastel water color painting.  It came out very cute. It didn't turn out like the lesson I had found said it would the oil pastel repelled the watercolor unlike the lesson one.  I kind of thought it would.  It supposed to be the hippo in the water.  

We listened to some classical Hungarian music, Hungarian Folk music and looked up the musician Franz Liszt and listened to his type of music, rhapsody.  He used leitmotif which is a recurring theme representing a person, idea or event. We listened on youtube the famous piece of music called "The Blue Danube Waltz"  Written about the river Danube that flows through Hungary right down the middle of Buda and Pest.  It also flows through Austria , Germany and a few other countries.  

Science,  We talked about the Paprika pepper.  Then we used Paprika in our cooking.  I used the recipe in the book for Hungarian Goulash.  We also talked about hot springs, Hippopotamuses, and zoo history.  

The Goulash was very yummy I wish I took a picture of it but I forgot. Both Samantha and Steve said they would eat it again if I cooked it.  I have so far loved the recipes we tried from the manual.  

There were a few more lessons in the book. Some we did others we didn't.  We both really enjoyed the book and all that went along with it.  


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