Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some stuff we have done...

I am going to try and post some older stuff. Maybe some pictures of what we have done.
In the fall Samantha was learning about the season's mostly about the fall. We talked about why the leaves change colors then fall off the trees. Why some trees don't loose their leaves. She was very interested in doing crafts with the fall theme. We did leaf rubbings, leaf, acorn and stick collages and made our very own fall tree. This is the tree we made. You can't see the leave on the ground of this but Samantha added many leaves on the ground becuase thats what they do in the fall she said. LOL She painted the trunk of the tree herself I cut it out and she helped me tape it to the wall. Then she hung all the leaves. Days later we did a lesson on animals and she made the owl She then added it to the tree. There is also a spider web she made with a thumb print spider. The spider web is made buy painting with string she had fun doing that.

She can do some simple math example: 1 + 1= 2, 2 + 1 =3, 2 + 2=4 and more of course she uses her fingers, beads or counting blocks to count for some of the math problems. She sight reconizes numbers 1-10 and her ABC's There are a few that she gets wrong but then realizes what it is after. She can write her name ,some numbers and most of the alphabet. She knows her address and her whole name plus family members whole names.

Since deciding to homeschool I have been amazed at how much learning a child does in a day without actual sitting down and doing book work. In the bath we use her bath crayons to practice writing her letters and numbers. When Samantha helps me cook or bake she learns about measuring. When she goes to work with me she learns about care of the sidk and compassion. There is so much learning in a normal day its amazing.

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Grandma said...

I'll be interested in watching your homeschool journey. You're right it's not for everyone but it's right for others. I know how smart Sammie - unbelievably smart. I'm sure if you dedicate yourself to this, it will work out. Good luck on this journey.