Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Five in a Row Arabella


This was a fun book about a boy who visits his Grandpa who lives on an island.  There was a lot to learn from this row. From how to treat people with disabilities to sailing in bad weather.

We did all the discussions from the manual.  Here are a bunch of links we used for the extras. 
islands around the world  Sea Lore  history of storytelling labeling a ship   history of ships  The_Rime_of_the_Ancient_Mariner 

We watched the Reading Rainbow episode of Keep the Lights Burning Abbie  In this episode it also shows the child how they build those ships in a bottle.  It was very interesting.

I bought a rope tying kit to teach Samantha about tying different kinds of knots. It was fun.

This is the kit I bought it comes with 2 ropes and an instructions booklet.

We did origami and made a paper boat to go into a bottle.
origami boat instructions  youtube video easier to follow

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Kimberly Lenters said...

Youre rockin it out, momma.