Friday, July 21, 2017

Works of Art

One of the great things about homeschooling is my daughter has time to explore many of her passions.  She is a very creative person.  She does all kinds of arts. Homeschooling gives her the time each day to practice and get better at what she enjoys.  Some of the things she enjoys are drawing, needle felting, painting, using clay, sewing and really anything creative she can do with her hands.  She found a new enjoyment in woodworking. She enjoys writing poems & short stories.  I have read some of her writing and she can get deep with it or very light hearted. When I have her permission I will post some of her writing here.  
 Here is just a sample of her work.

a page from her nature journal 

when we learned about the  Aurora Borealis. This picture doesn't show the colors as vivid as she used.

 Chalk Art A looking Glass

Needle Felting A Sunset in Fall

A vase she made me 

The Scrabble words Mathias in woodworking class

Our Family as the look at the setting sun

This was a joint effort

A cat toy she sewed.  The cat loves it

another page out of her nature journal 

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Kimberly Lenters said...

Sam is doing amazing!!!! My FAVE piece of art is the very last one xoxo