Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Five in a Row- Paper Lanterns

We rowed the book Paper Lanterns.  It was a fun little book.  Its one of the digital downloads from the Five in a Row website.

We covered many topics in this row.  From some of the Chinese inventions to their wildlife and explorers.  We talked about missionaries to traveled to China to share the gospel.  We talked about China's history, geography and important landmarks.  We talked art and literature.  The most fun that we had was sending the paper lanterns we bought up into the sky.

In art we looked at how the artist rarely used the full body of a person often leaving off body part. He also used lots of bold colors and shapes.  Samantha found one of the only full body pictures.

I have the book Global art and we learned a few facts about Chinese art. We didn't do any of the art projects besides making the signature stamp.  They are the first to use stencils and an example is on the walls at The Thousand Buddha Cave in Western China

I also have the book Children Just Like Me. Samantha read about 2 siblings in China and how they live their lives.  

Another book we used this time along with Paper Lanterns is part of our history readers... On An American Day Volume 1.  She read the story The Last Rail about the Chinese Laborers were brought here from China to work the railroad.  

If your a FIAR rower this download was an amazing one to do.  So much learning happening with this one.

How to made rice paper

Marco Polo's Life in 3 minutes

Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Bamboo the Miracle Plant

We also watched on Amazon Prime- Travel with kids episode of when they go to China and  Torchlighters: Gladys Aylward Story.
 On Pureflix we watched Wow, I never knew that episode on how fortune cookies became about and the documentary on China/ Peoples Republic.  

We found this article on fashion trends in China interesting and disturbing at the same time... Fashion Trends in China

We always try and cook at least one meal but this time we did take out 2 different times. First we had chow main sandwiches and egg rolls then we had beef with Chinese vegetables and egg rolls. We in my city and the surrounding towns have a different chow main.  And putting it on a hamburger bun is a local meal.

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