Monday, July 3, 2017

a typical schedule of our rows...

I have been asked how did I row the books for 2 weeks so I am going to attempt to put together a schedule.  Understand that each row is unique.  I also add to our rows as my daughter is older.   I also only have one child to row with and my daughter loves to go on rabbit trails for ever most books.  I love that she loves to learn.  I row for only 4 days a week.  We have a day of coop so we don't do other school work on that day

Example book we did a long time ago.  Paul Revere's Ride

Week 1
Monday- Read the book-  
  • Social Studies:History- Beginning of the American Revolution lesson from the manual
  • Language Arts: Reading Poetry Aloud- lesson from the manual-  Get additional book on patriotic poetry and read some through out the row.
  • Language Arts: Vocabulary- review some of the vocabulary, its a long list so break it up and do multiple days
  • Art: Light as a Main Theme 
  • Math: Subtracting Dates- Solving a Riddle
Tuesday- Read the book
  • Social Studies: Geography- Boston lesson from manual  
  • Social Studies: Beginning of the American Revolution- Paul Reveres Ride information 
  • Language Arts: Italics- Names of Ships lesson from manual
  • Art: Use of Light and Contrast for Dramatic Effect lesson from the Manual- Have your child try and create a picture using light for contrast.  
  • Find the Poem from the art lesson and read it
  • Watch the DVD Liberty kids on Paul Revers Midnight ride.  These videos are great to watch about American History you can even have your child watch the series.  
  • Science- Rabbit Trail- do a study on horses if you haven't done one from other FIAR books.  ( this was my daughters idea when we did the book. )  If your able see if you can have your child go on a horse. 
Wednesday- Watch a recording of the book on youtube or read the book.  

  • Social Studies: History- The use of Signals - lesson from the manual- make up your own signals with your child.  Even a simple sign language sing I love you to do with your child 
  • Read some more of the poetry from the book you took out from the library 
  • Language Arts: Vocabulary- review more of the vocabulary words
  • Art- make your own lantern here is a blog with directions on how to make one out of an orange juice container lantern to make  a different lantern to make 
  • Art- One of the Lanterns used to signal
Thursday - Read the book
  • Social Studies: History- read some go along books about Paul Reveres Ride.  A good one that my daughter really liked was the Rush Revere book Rush Revere and the American Revolution This book will take a couple weeks to read so you might want to start reading it at the beginning of the week. Or read any book on the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party
  • Language Arts- have your child try to create their own Patriotic Poem.
  • Art- Let your child draw anything they want to from the book.  
  • Have your child act out the book as you read it.  
Week 2

Monday- Have your child read the book

  • Social Studies: Research Paul Revere either on the computer or from books from the library.  
  • Language Arts: Poet- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow- lesson from the book
  • Art: Architecture- Colonial- lesson from the book-  drive around your area and see if you can find any examples of Colonial Architecture.  Take pictures if you want. Look at page 116 in the manual.  Try drawing pictures of Colonial Architecture either from the houses you found or from the book.
  • Art- painting of Paul Revere
  • Continue to read the go along books about  the ride, Paul Revere and the American Revolution.
Tuesday- Read the book or watch it on a youtube video 

  • Social Studies- learn about Sybil Ludington and her midnight ride.  
  • Language arts- review the vocabulary words
  • Art: Reflections in Water- from the manual - in the manual say to find a pond to see this.  Draw what you see   My daughter likes it when I draw with her.  
  • Science: Fog Over Rivers from the manual.  make your own fog in a bottle 
  • science: Fog- either use read along books on fog or a website.  the science of Fog
Wednesday- Read the book 

  • Social Studies: History- make a time line of the American Revolution
  • Language Arts- read some more poems either from Henry Longfellow or the Patriotic Poems
  • Art- Review any of the art your child wants or look up Works of Art from that time period
  • Science- Continue with any of the science topics-  Magic School Bus episode on the water cycle. 

Thursday- Read the book- this is our wrap it up day.  Do anything your child wants on any of the subjects.  Read go along books, watch documentaries,  watch shows, 

My daughter is really good about taking it further.  She loves Rabbit Trails.  This is the night we had my daughter recite the poem to her dad at supper.

We try to cook a meal with each book.    I didn't buy the cook book so I usually look up recipes online.  During the 2 weeks we rowed this book I made Shepards pie, Colonial Stew,  and oatmeal for breakfast as our porridge.  ColonialRecipes  I always have my daughter help me prepare the meal.

I don't remember everything from this row it been a while.  Usually if I am not prepared for the day We will do a few lessons from the manual and find a documentary or a Magic school bus episode on the science topic.

I want to add in there is nothing wrong with doing the manual as is.  Total discussion method works amazing and for many books that is all I have done.  But there have been books that my daughter takes off on the topics and wants more so I add more.  What is listed here might seem like a lot of time or work.  But its not really.

Oh I forgot to add my daughter loves to draw maps.  She drew a map of his ride.

How I plan on a Sunday Night-  I read over the manual, I read the book,  I look to see what is the science topics, I look to see if there are any documentaries or shows on the subject.  Some books have dvd's for them.  On average I plan for only 1 hour.  I don't plan out what we will do each day.  Just a list of all we will do and need for the rows.  Monday is usually just the manual and then later in the day we go out and find things that we will need for the row from books at the library or craft supplies.  I also have found some great places to go on a field trip to go along.  1 hour planning and I am done for it.  I take each day as it comes.  Some days we just read the book and do a lesson or 2 other times my daughter keeps asking for more.   I learned a long time ago to be flexible.

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