Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ivory soap experiement....

So I have been wanting to do this for a while. I kept forgetting to get the soap. Samantha and I have talked about how things change how something can go from being a solid to a gas or liquid. How doing many different things to something can change it. Our questions were...

Why is it the only soap out there that floats in water? Internet search... because when they make it the mix air in it BUT if you cut it open you will not see any air pockets

I next asked Samantha, her friend Charlene and her mom ... What do you think will happen when we microwave it for 2 minutes?
Sam thought it would melt
Charlene thought it wouldn't change
Charlene's mom thought it would explode or melt.

So here is what happened...

I am very embarrassed to say my microwave needed cleaning really bad... good thing we put soap in it

Ok so what did we do after this.. We waited for it to cool. We discussed the results. We were a little surprised to feel it and find it crumbly. We had thought it would be soft. It definitely looked like a big cloud and soft. Then we made soap playdoh! You rip of a roll of toilet paper really small. Mix that with the soap and some hot water. Keep mixing until its feels like stiff pudding. Then have fun!

Later today we will try this again and make some bath paint out of it.

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