Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We survived Irene

We were very lucky when it came to hurricane Irene. By time it hit us it was only a tropical storm. Samantha was very nervous about this hurricane. Even though we tried to calm her and comfort her until she experienced it for herself I knew she would worry. Once she learned Daddy had to work she was very worried. She didn't want him to drive in it. She wanted him home to protect us. Sadly he was told he had to work.

So to prepare for this....

We bought some yummy snacks and stuff to eat without cooking. Samantha liked the chunky peanut butter. LOL Oh and the oreo's were a big hit. She went to the fruit stand and picked out a giant carrot, tomato, 2 apples and 2 peaches.

We planned on playing games and doing crafts. We had our camping light ready, our flashlights ready and candles in case we got desperate.

We let her sleep in our room on an air matress on the floor.

So our day went like this:

Bright and early she wakes and asks So is the storm going on? She runs to the windows and looks out. She then asks me to open all the blinds so she can see what is going on.

Daddy leaves for work Sam worries until he calls and said he made it there safely.

Samantha goes on my laptop for a while since we still had power and she watches the news reports. She didn't want it shut off. The wind and rain is very heavy and strong. She now sees that the trees aren't falling on our house (silly me for telling stories of the hurricane in 1991 dropping a tree on my parents house)

About 11 am we lost power... for Samantha the fun begins. LOL She seems to think with no power we get to have lots of fun. LOL We play with paper dolls. With all the outside flowers in my house dropping their pedals all over the place we put them to good use. We press flowers to make pretty flower pictures. We were surprised to see what colors came from what color flower. Not always what you would think. White flowers pressed green, deep red turned purple, pink turned reddish and peach made cranberry color.

We braved going outside to see how windy it was... this was done when it slowed down for a bit.

We then painted rocks we took back from our trip to New Hampshire.

Next onto mask making. Yes her mask came out creepy looking.

Then a friend popped in minutes after our power returned!!! They did some arts and crafts for a while. Then we did an experiment with Ivory soap.... Did you ever wonder why ivory soap floats? What do you think might happen when you put the soap in the microwave for 2 minutes???? also what will you do with it once your down experimenting... I will post those pictures and answer the questions later...

Pictures of our day....

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