Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The end of summer fun...

Today it almost seems like summer is over. Even though its not officially over until September 23. The beginning of school seems so much like summer is over and fall is beginning. With all the children around us going back to school within the next 2 weeks it really seems like our summer has come to an end.
The other day we went to the wading pool for a playdate only to show up and find out they closed the day before for the end of the summer season. So disappointing and our summer is over :( Today's post is a collection of our summer fun... enjoy these pictures......

Mops homeschoolers celebration of completing Kindergarten...

A friends birthday celebration

Samantha at the end of VBS... she loved VBS

Freetown state forest wading pool.. we went here many times this summer

A little summer school :)

Samantha enjoying the food and music at Soulfest Gunstock New Hampshire

Hiking in the mountains New Hampshire

Measuring herself Santa's village NH she has grown so much too...

toasting marshmallows our camping trip NH

Having fun in the river behind our campsite

Art in the park

Bowling fun with Mommy and daddy

Look I can do it!!! She finally has been able to climb all the way across this she was so happy she was brave enough to do it.

Riding her new bike a good friend gave it to her since she had outgrown her old one.

I hope you enjoyed a peak into our summer fun. Its been a great summer filled with good times, great friends and lots of learning experiences.

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