Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today was our first day of First Grade!

Today was our first day of school! What fun it was. Our day started with us taking a first day of school picture outside on this rainy day. After this we hurried inside to change into warmer cloths it was cold outside and in.

Then a nice hot breakfast of pancakes, sausages and hash browns from McDonald's. This was a special treat as most of you know how much I hate that place... but not too bad for pancakes. Sam loves them so once in a great while we will get them as a treat.

Then we did phonics and reading.Its fun to sit there together reading and seeing her face light up when she reads a word she was struggling with.

After this we moved onto Science. In science we learned how God made us wonderful and unique. She learned about our fingerprints and how no one has any like her. We put our prints on paper and compared them. She said my prints are more beautiful then hers. :O)

After science we did health and learned a little about her growing. For this we sat cuddling on the couch.

We then had fun doing Math. She is so interested in learning about negative numbers. So after we did the work which is review at this point. We made our own number line to see where the negative numbers go. Then I showed her how and why there is negative numbers. She said our number line looked like the yard stick we bought and laid down for me to "measure" her, negative numbers and all.

Then at last we worked on our spelling. Samantha took a pretest and passed it 100%. We did our work book exercises. After that she had fun making sentences with our spelling words.

Over all it was a fun day. I love teaching Samantha and seeing her learn. After we were done with school work she took out her recorder from last year and asked if she can continue learning. So for today she just practiced what she remembered. While I searched for ear plugs. LOL.

One last picture. Samantha posing with all her work.

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