Tuesday, September 13, 2011

fun lesson on chocolate on the national chocolate day...

Did you know that today was the national chocolate day? So what do homeschoolers do on this day? We have a fun lesson all about chocolate with taste testing.

First we had a very nice relaxing morning with a some computer time learning. Then we went outside to do school work. yes we had a very productive day homeschooling outside. With the promise of chocolate I think Samantha would have done her work happily in the bathroom! We got all our work done all the while she dreamed of chocolate bliss.
learning place value...

reading...she read today's assignment, then tomorrows and Thursday she was so into the story...

Now on to the most important lesson of the day... yes I made her learn all about chocolate, how the cocoa beans grow, how they harvest them, we even learned that at one time only the rich could afford it. She even did a word search.

Interesting fact in 1764 the first chocolate company to sell chocolate in the United States was the Baker Chocolate Company located in Massachusetts!

So onto the important part we taste tested a few kinds of chocolate...
#1 dark chocolate
#2 Hershey's milk chocolate
#3 European dark chocolate with whole macadamia nuts

The winner hands down #3. I preferred next #1 but Samantha preferred #2

What a yummy afternoon. Today was one of the best days yet. Today came close to perfect. Seriously not because of the chocolate I had the day off and Samantha and I just had a great flow to our day.

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