Thursday, September 15, 2011

So the fun continues....

Today we went back to my sisters house to paint our earths. This time we were smart about it we painted outside. It was funny to see what their idea of the earth was. Julie has discovered many new continents. LOL Samantha was worried about where Texas goes. That she also had to add lots of brown for Texas, Mexico and Australia. She said its hot there so it must be a lot of dirt. LOL The girls did a good job. They got very messy I hope the paint comes out of her cloths. Again I forgot to take my camera with me. I did get a few with my phone. Here they are:

This is them doing the paper mache the other day.

the girls cleaning up,we had them wash up in soapy water outside, they loved it ... sorry no pictures of our beautiful globes.

Next we plan on having the girls make a sun, moon and the rest of the planets.

Today while doing school work Samantha started learning how to write in cursive. She has been asking me for a while now. But I couldn't find a program I liked. A friend gave me the BIG flash cards for Abeka cursive. I love them. So was started out with her tracing the letter a with her finger. Then we moved onto making the letter with her bend a roo's. Then she was excited to write it. She did an awesome job on it. At first she didn't want to believe me that both upper and lower case are the same just different size. It was funny. I really hope she does a good job with cursive. Her printing is a little messy. But with much more practice she will get better. This year there is so much more writing. :)

We did a lot of hands on stuff today....
science we learned how we measure using many different tools, so we measured the living room, dinning room and them together
math we used our manipulatives to work out place value I think she got it today
math we made a ocean in a jar to represent how God made the ocean and this will also go with next weeks history when we learn about Noah's Ark and the flood.
cursive using her finger to trace the letter then using the bend a roo to make the a in upper and lower case

She took her first phonics test and got a 96! Way to go Samantha. She has had 2 spelling test so far with a bonus list and passed both spelling test with 100's and the bonus list had 10 words and without even studying them she got 8 correct!

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