Sunday, September 18, 2011

I am so excited!!!

I just got a great deal on some scholastic teaching materials. I got them all free. :) They were having a $1 days sale. Then I had a $10 off coupon code. I ordered 10 pdf files and received them free. I am so thrilled. I just was reviewing them and they all fit with our curriculum. Its an added bonus. I can't wait for science class tomorrow and Samantha see's her 5 senses mask. Or when we start learning all subjects through the story Cinderella.... her story from many cultures. WOW are there so many different versions. The grammar manipulatives will be a big help in remembering what is a noun, plural noun, common noun etc......, Or the wearable teaching materials for math. Its all so much hands on fun I can't wait! I will be posting many pictures of our hands on fun.

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