Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I feel that our homeschool was lacking in art. We do arts in crafts but its not the same as learning about art. So my sister and I have been trying to add it into our week. We have been meeting up once a week to do mini works of art. We are hoping to teach the girls about different forms of art and have them try and make a mini work of art. We are keeping them in a baseball card holder. Its been fun.

We recently visited the Eric Carle Museum of Storybook Art with my sister and niece. It was really fun. I have always enjoyed his type of art works. We had the girls look at all the different kinds of works and try and copy a few. Its was priceless to see them walk around the museum holding their sketch pads and color pencils trying to recreate. I loved it when Samantha took her book and pencils and sat down in front of one of the art works and created her version of it. I think they both did an amazing job. Here is a few samples of Samantha's work...

Oh and soon we will be having the girls create their own form of Eric Carle's art work. At the museum we saw the works of Tomi Ungerer, Barbara McClintock's The Heartaches of a French Cat, and many more works of art. We went to their library for story hour. Then to the arts and crafts room to do some Punctuation Play they gave the girls a sheet of punctuation and told them to create with it. It was interesting to see what they created. Samantha created a flower.

But I really want to teach her more about the artists and different types of art. I want her to learn how to blend colors and the color wheel. How it all works. I will be looking into a link a friend shared with me... so more to come on art.


happy's mommy said...

Trevy would *heart* that museum! Actually...he just walked over here and saw Sam's picture and says "I hug her!" lol


Jen said...

Awe that is so cute what Trevy said. :) It was a nice museum I am glad I had the free tickets so we could experience it.