Tuesday, September 13, 2011

paper mache .... fun or not so fun???

What do you do with a child who has sensory issues? Who doesn't like weird smells? Who can actually pick out my pillow with her eyes closed just by smell. Who doesn't like to touch weird things? Thankfully her sensory issues are more in the smell category as we went to Aunt Michelle's house to make a paper mache' earth. Part of Samantha's history lesson was to make a map or globe. Part of cousin Julie's geography lesson was to make a earth. Funny enough it happened in the same week. Cousin Corrina joined us. She is making a sun, just for the fun of it.(she was a perfectionist and took longer then the 2 little kids)

I have to admit it was fun. Much more fun than I thought it would be. LOL. Samantha actually liked the feel of the glue on her hands, so did Julie. Me not so much it felt icky! It didn't take long for Samantha and Julie to put their hands in the glue without the strips of paper. Or it didn't take long for them to be covered in glue. Julie more so than Sam. Samantha had some on her dress, hands and in her hair. Julie had it all over her pants, hands and arms. I think both had some on their faces too.

Oh and telling a 6 year old and 9 year old to rip newspaper in strips, not clear enough. Next time I need to show and example. We ended up with strange shapes and the only ones in nice strips were the ones I did. But in the end we all had lots of fun. We now wait for the paper mache balls to dry so we can paint them. That should be fun and just maybe and activity for outside! Michelle's floor have lots of glue on it.

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