Thursday, September 15, 2011


Everyone has their own opinion of homeschooling. Its funny really, I love hearing what others think it is, or how we do it or should do it. Or what they think the kids wont learn. I love the ones from the people who actually have no real knowledge of what homeschooling is. Here are a few funny comments....

Shouldn't she have to look forward to tests?
what about the prom?
What about looking forward to seeing her friends at school?
So what is she doing already grade 4? Since homeschoolers are usually way ahead of the public school :) giggle giggle giggle (that was me giggling to myself)
What about her having a boyfriend?
What about all the fun field trips she will miss out on?

Ok so those are funny... here are some not so funny...

Homeschooling shouldn't be allowed or at least be heavy regulated because if not this generation of kids are going to be stupid.
How are you going to teach a subject like algebra? Ok so assume I am dumb.
If she doesn't have recess how will she know how to get along with kids?

So my question to you
Since you started following our journey or meeting other homeschoolers has your opinion of homeschoolers changed? Has it changed for the better or worse? Has seeing our days and what she is learning answered any of the questions you have asked about homeschooling?

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