Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How we ended our perfect day...

As I said today was a perfect day.
So we took a little break to run out and register Samantha for baton class at the rec center. Once home we moved onto science. We are using a few different sources for science and today was using our estudies. We learned to ask questions, to make guesses about the outcome to our experiment, test it out and get our answer.

Our question today... If we make a square bubble wand would our bubbles be square?
Samantha thought no they wouldn't be but it would be so cool if it could. So we tested it out and just as we guessed it was still a circle. Hands on activities helps reinforce our learning...

We then came in and Samantha helped me cook supper of homemade pie crust to cover our chicken pie. She made 2 mini crusts to make 2 mini chicken pies for herself.

She told me today was the best day ever!

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