Monday, September 19, 2011

Mondays are fun?!

Yes Mondays can be fun! I had a few crafts planned for today to go along with our lessons.

First we did the subjects without the crafts. She learned to write a cursive E today. She did crab a little that my cursive looks much better then hers. LOL I told her I had many many years of practice.

Her reading is getting much better. She is excited to read the stories and find out what happens next. Phonics went smoothly. Grammar was met with some resistance because it was a lot of writing. Not her favorite thing to do. Math was easy even though it was new. She is breezing through math.

Spelling was a little funny today. I had her take her pretest by writing on the window. She only misspelled 3 words. But oh those misspelled words were so funny......she misspelled Milk by writing it mlik, hook / hock and cook well I can't write how she spelled it out not so polite. :) Good thing she didn't try to go back and pronounce her mistakes like she has on the past 2 pretests.

Science she is learning about her 5 senses. She made a senses mask..Yes it looks a big creepy. She had to try and figure out what senses work better when used together. She pick sight and hearing. She found that she could identify the maker of the sound better when she looked towards the sound.

Then at last she made a autumn tree to decorate out table.

This weekend my daughter asked me to "play" school with her. I told her instead of playing it lets just get a jump on school work and do it for real. LOL She said that's not as fun. lets just pretend. Kids are funny. She did end up doing bonus math sheets. She had fun pretending she was a pirate going on a journey to find the treasure doing math word problems.

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happy's mommy said...

LOVE it!

Bristel spelled some things funny yesterday too! She made a sign that was supposed to say "No Trevors allowed" complete with Trevy's face in a big big circle with a slash through it! lol Anyway...instead she wrote "No Trevors u lewd". Oh myyyyyy...Jonathan and I died laughing! Thankfully she has a good sense of humor!


S's cursive Es impressed me for sure!