Sunday, September 18, 2011

and this comes after my last post......

I think its funny, after I made my last post I was out with Samantha for the day. Visiting family. Well this family member that I only see maybe once a year if that. Starts asking about her schooling not realizing or

Well not to long after this conversation. I didn't notice this person leaving the room. Then talking to Samantha. Drilling her on math facts. :) Not that she minded. Her and her cousin answered his questions, playing his game. Samantha got most of them right! I almost asked him if she passed his test. But I held back. He was shocked that she was able to answer most of the questions right and before her cousin did. So I was told how smart she was.

Things like this makes me laugh at times, irritates me at times and other times it just makes me smile as it goes to show the person that yes we actually do school work each day Monday though Friday. Oh wait we actually do school all the time. Since there are many lessons a day that are learned just by living. That she is actually learning and most of the time above public school grade levels.

But there are times when it really does irritate me. If I put my daughter in public schools she would never be tested by family and friends. They would just leave that whole subject alone. Funny since the schools here are not doing such a great job educating our children. But yet through them questioning of my child it shows them that she is smart and is learning. That I am actually teaching my child! And I am sure much better then if she was in public school. way am I saying that if your child is in public school they wont learn. That is wrong. as I think children will learn in in situation you put them in if your there supporting them and make their education important. I just feel for my child this is her best education option out there. Also I think our teachers are great teachers who have their hands tied to what they teach and how they teach our children. I do base my feelings that the schools and politics of the system is what is preventing our children from learning where they don't have the support of family due to what those test scores show, those wonderful scores they put so much time teaching to the test, those scores show that these schools here are doing very poorly.

Well this little rant is over I hope you all have a wonderful night! And really I do know most of it is harmless. They are just concerned with her education. Funny I am her mom and that to me is one of the most important jobs out there is to teach her and help her grow! Yet my job is always questioned.

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