Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My funny little Girl

This is Samantha's spelling paper from today. My child makes me laugh at times. She was supposed to write one sentence about a statue. After her fussing for a few minutes that she doesn't know any statues or what to write I told her she better have a sentence about a statue by time I got out of a shower. Well she came running into the bathroom all proud of herself. So excited she wrote a sentence. She wrote I hate statues. So I made her go back and then tell me why she hated statues. Her reply was well some people think they are god's.

We also continued with our Veteran's Day lesson. She called her brother and talked to him about being a soldier and what it was like. She said she wanted to know if it was hard. We read about superheroes and what it really means to be a hero.

We then moved onto the book Madeline. Today we had lots of fun with it. We talked about how life was in the 1930's compared to today. The other day we started making a hat like Madeline's out of a paper plate and bowl. We then had crepe's for lunch with her wearing her hat.

Samantha went to music class today. It was such a nice day we walked there and back.

Then we did our last project of the day. We learned about and artist named Giotto. We learned that artists of long ago had to make their own paints. They used eggs and thing to make pigment. Most used flowers, insects, plants and other items.

Step one for our pigment we used crushed chalk.. so she crushed all the chalk not an easy thing to do.

Step 2 mix the chalk with the eggs.

Step 3 paint your pictures and let them dry. The eggs give your picture a nice shine to it.

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