Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sorry I haven't been posting

We have been busy. This post is a catch up post....

What we have been up to...

Last week we went to the Narrows and viewed the THE ART OF THE BRICK Artist: NATHAN SAWAYA. Its amazing what he can do with lego's. The Fall River children's museum had a room with lego's and other building blocks for the kids to create with at the art museum (I am so excited the children's museum worker told me they found a building and it should be up and running sometime next year!). Samantha loved it. It was a nice way to end our school day on that very rainy Thursday.

We continued to do our normal school work. She went to music class. We started another book with the Five in the Row curriculum. The book we are working on is Cranberry Thanksgiving. She has done many fun things learning about Thanksgiving, cranberries, turkeys, how they lived back in the Pilgrim days. Throw in a few crafts and its been lots of fun. I will post about this in a few days.

Then we had an adventure with Samantha. We didn't tell Samantha that we were going to take her to New Hampshire to visit Santa's village. We just packed up without telling her where we were going. She didn't even know that I had all out clothes packed in the car. She was so funny. We didn't tell her where we were going. It took until we were in New Hampshire before she started asking what are plans were. It was fun. She told my mom that our trip was the best day ever. Well weekend. The hotel had a pool and we had fun swimming. I think we really needed this trip to relax and take some time to ourselves. Santa's Village was so much fun. We didn't wait in any lines besides the line to see Santa.

Waiting to enter Santa's Village

I love the joy I see on her face!

She only asked Santa for one thing a 3 D DS she said that is all she wants for Christmas from him.

I just love the look of joy on her face. She is so beautiful!

The view from our hotel window.

Playing on the playground before we leave for home. It was so cold our last day there was ice on the slide. I did have fun having a race on the swings with Samantha to see who could go the highest. She did say it was no fair that I was taller so I could go higher. LOL

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