Sunday, November 6, 2011

The week ahead...

This coming week we are mixing things up. We will be doing our normal phonics, spelling, grammar and math. But I will be adding in some fun for history and science. Plus we will be doing a week long lesson on veterans day.

First what I have planned for veterans day.... Samantha is going to interview her brother who is a veteran of Iraq War called Operation Iraqi Freedom. She is also going to make a wall of hero's. We have 4 veterans in our family and she is going to make a star and put their information on it to show our appreciation of their service to our country. She is also going to do a few other crafts. I have a kids packet from one of the veterans associations and she will be completing it. We are going to talk about what it means to be a hero and who is a hero.

Last year a friend of mine gave me to borrow a curriculum called five in a row. I really enjoyed the few weeks that we did it. But then life got in the way and we didn't make it to the library as often as we should have to get the books. Its a curriculum that you read one book each start of the day to the child for a week or 2. Then you follow the activities in the teachers guide and it covers subjects such as science, history, social studies, living math and art. So this week I took out the normal History and science work and we will be doing this. I decided to start with the book Madeline. Through Madeline she will learn more about fraction, symmetry, some different art forms, poetry, a brief glimpse of history in the 1930's, a little about Paris and about plants and how to prevent sickness and how to help others who are sick. I am excited to start this again.

I have been wanting to switch some of the stuff we do to a more hands on approach. So with this and our normal work it should make things more interesting


happy's mommy said...

I would LOVE if Sam would bring her wall of heros project (if it's moveable) on Sunday!


Jen said...

I can make it moveable! I took your idea from your blog using the painters tap to put things on the walls :) So I can easily put all of it on a poster board.