Monday, November 7, 2011

Veterans day lessons

The school day started with the sensory bin. In it I hid clues to our days lessons. Here she is pulling out Nick's extra dog tags.

Trying to find more in the bin. She loves to just run her hands through the dried beans. She said its soothing.
Using the little soldiers to do her math. I think she knew the answers she just wanted to have fun using them to help her count.
So she completed her math. Then grammar, she learned about explanation marks and how to use them, continued learning verbs. She did her phonics. We did the Madeline book and did some fun activities with it. Now the important fun stuff started.... She learned what a veteran is. How they are brave soldiers fighting for us. We talked about her great grandfathers who were veteran's they both fought in WW II. What they did in the war. Then we moved onto the boys. I read a story about when a man deploys and why. I think that got her missing Nick all the more. I have to admit it was hard reading the book it had me choked up but oh so proud of my son's. I talked about what they both have done in the war. Then we had fun making our Wall of Heroes. She put a lot of work into making this. A lot of thought. With veteran's day on Friday there are a lot of veterans around. When you see them please thank them for their service to our country. Even if you don't agree with the war what these soldiers have given up to serve their country is a lot. Many have missed births of babies, the growth of their children, and many important times in their family lives. The give up the every day life we all take for granted. Most are surprised to be thanked. I had one man tell me no one has ever thanked him I put a smile on his face to acknowledge him. So please thank a soldier.
Our families Heroes

PV3 Michael A Gosselin fought in OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom, Army Infantry

SPC Nicholas K Gosselin is still fighting in OEF Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan,
Army 82nd Airborne

Radioman 2nd class Charles Blais specialized in mores code fought in WWII Navy

PFC Ernest S Baptista fought in WWII Army

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