Monday, May 7, 2012

Can I brag just a bit???

Last weekend we went to New York to spend time with my sister in law. While there my sister in law took us on a train into the city.  I have always loved going to the city.  I love the excitement.  Samantha loved it too.  So anyway onto the bragging.......

On the way back on the train Samantha sat next to her aunt and across from the was this older women who started up a conversation with Samantha.  She couldn't believe how well spoken and well behaved Sam was for her age. How she held up her end of the conversation. Then Samantha was reading something and it had big words like Loyal, beautiful, inspiration and a few other words She read them without hesitating.  The lady was so amazed she kept complimenting us on her. She asked us if Sam started reading as a toddler. LOL I told her no that she really just started reading last school year but has made a big jump this year in her reading.  Then it came out we homeschool and she asked so many questions... but not the questions you get when people don't agree but honest curious questions.  as she got up to leave she told Steve and I that our sacrifices to home educate Sam seem to be paying of and she was amazed that we would do this.  She told us to keep up the good work. 

That was a nice pat on the back.  Always so nice to hear these compliments. I love hearing others say such positive things about my daughter. 

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