Sunday, May 6, 2012

We have been very busy lately

Its been crazy lately Samantha's life....
  • Nick was home visiting and he left at the end of April.
  • We visited my sister in law in New York this weekend. Went into the city to the American Girl Store.
  • We went to a Buddhist temple to see the second biggest Buddha in the world. To walk the peaceful grounds and enjoy nature.
  • I tested Samantha in reading and was so thrilled to find she is reading at the end of third grade level!
  • Had Samantha's belated birthday party.
  • Went to the Lafayette Durfee House and learned about how people lived in the colonial times and how Fall River played a roll in the revolutionary war. That was very interesting I didn't realized how much of a roll our city played in it...
  • Went to the Mad scientist science night.
  •  Went to the beach
  • Went to the battleship
  • playdates at the park
  • first trip on a train (we took it into the city)
Well not all in this order. But its been a crazy time with the extra practices in Baton, keeping up her studies, starting swim class and all the fun times.  Here are some pictures of our busy time....

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