Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five In A Row The Night Of The Moonjellys

Our latest work from Five In A Row is the book The Night Of The Moonjellies   

The story is set in Connecticut. A little boy of 8 helps has grandma and family members at their clam shack called MaGras.  Along the way to work one day he picks up something that looks like jelly. Well its a moonjelly.  The grandma takes he after work on a boat to return it to the sea.  The book is a good one to show responsibility of a child.  He had many chores to do through out the day and he always seems so happy to do so.  This story has some real facts in it.  There was a restaurant called MaGras and the family was real. The little boy did help out there in the summer

We started out by visiting the beach and collecting a few items. Samantha collected shells, empty mermaids purse eggs, dried up snail eggs with baby shells in it, a few beach rocks and a shell of some sea creature....

On our second day we talked about the sea life and salt water. How the sea creatures can't live in fresh water they need the salt to live and breath.  We made our own salt water to watch it evaporate and to see what happens.  Sam prediction was that the water will evaporate and come back smaller crystals then it started.  She was so shocked that she was wrong.  Here is our evaporated sea water and the huge crystals it created.  looks a little like snow

Third day... we talked about responsibility of the boy and her own responsibilities,  What words in italics mean, some new vocabulary words and about life in and near the sea..  Samantha also did an art project. The pictures in the book were created using oil pastels.  So Samantha created her own moonjelly picture using chalk pastels. 

Fourth Day... Samantha had to think of an idea for a restaurant, plan and design the menu, set up a table in the restaurant, prepare the food then serve it to a willing customer.  This was so much fun.  She named the restaurant SamAJen.
Her menue, Sam preparing the meal. Her decorations Special board, her willing customer and his bill

The last day.  We read the story again like we do each day. We talked more about the setting. She then tried to make her own moonjellies.  They didn't come out like we thought they should but they are cute... a Moonjelly in a bottle.  
Samantha and I really enjoy doing the Five In A Row. Its fun and you learn so many things from a simple book.  So many fun experiments and crafts.

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