Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Five In A Row- The Story About Ping

Last week we did the Five In A Row work on the book The Story About Ping.
We had a lot of fun doing this book.  She learned about China and the Yangtze River.  About doing the right thing even if there is a consequence for doing so. For History she learned about the different type of boats on the Yangtze River and life on the river back in the 1930's. She learned about using layers of color to create different looks in her art. how to use multiple circles to make her coloring look like water.
 We had homemade Chinese food for supper one night. 
For science we talked about things floating or sinking in water.  
For reading she learned how the author used repetition to get her point across.
For Math she used her double digit addition and learned about carrying over. She added the many family members in Pings family. Ping had a mother, a father, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and 42 cousins.
Its amazing how much you can learn for a simple child's book.

I love using this curriculum along with our normal work. This week has been school vacation week for the public school children. Samantha asked me if we had to do work this week. When I told her yes she asked to only do her Five In A Row work. So I have her doing our new book for the week along with only math work. 
Here are some pictures from our study of The Story About Ping.....

 She made her predictions on what would sink or float...
 Then she dropped the items into the water and recorded her findings.

 Its poetry month so I had her read a poem about ducks and then illustrate the poem. 
She was very creative on this. She had so much fun trying to use many colors to create the color of the water from the Yangtze River. 
She learned how to use circles to make it look like water.  As you can see she loved this story.  On the story sheet she has to rate the book and you can give it up to 5 stars. Well she gave it a 1000 stars!  

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