Friday, April 6, 2012

Well I should never have posted how smooth school was going. Yesterday was a challenging day. There were many distractions. First having Nick home even if he spends most of his day sleeping is still a distraction! Then Daddy was home. Do I need to say more on that? I love him dearly but he can be just as much of a frustration as Samantha can be. He can't concentrate with a lot of noise or back ground sounds and its amazing how he thinks she can. I would be explaining something or reading something to her and he would just walk in the room and start talking. Then we also had the verizon repair man at our house. He spent about 2 hours or maybe longer at the house trying to find our problem. First the modem was bad. Then our computer wasn't allowing the new one to connect.

So needless to say work got done but with a lot of distractions, many breaks and a few tears. Thankfully it was another easy day. Not sure why math is all of a sudden so easy but the work has been incredibly easy. But it wont stay like this for long. I looked ahead and she will be learning to add doing carrying over. She has already learned double digits and adding 3 numbers.

Spelling this week has been a little challenging. The words had ea and ee and some of the words she had to really study to remember when to use ee or ea. She aced her test she got a 100! I am so proud of her.

We also did some fun crafts this week. Once they are all done drying and put together I will post pictures.

Even though Samantha does dance class twice a week I feel we need to add in more physical activity. I find with and only child outdoor play is so different then it was with the boys. Its fun when there is a friend around for her to play with and run around with outside. Today Samantha and I went to a friends house and we brought her bike. Well Samantha had a hard time keeping up with her friend in skill. She just doesn't get to use her bike as often. This has to change. I need to get my bike out and ride with her.

Reading this post over I thought how about arrange with a few other homeschooling friends to do a "gym" class once a week or maybe every other week. I will be sending out emails tonight just to get a feel for what others want to do. A few friends have talked about wanting to do this. With the nice weather coming this might work out!

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