Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Today was another fun day at the Mathias homeschool! Today went so smooth. Our day started very late. It didn't start until 2 pm..

It started with music class at school. Then we came home and she got right to work.

I somehow misplaced her phonics reader. So I pulled out this book:

She said it was way to easy for her. I love Frog and Toad. This is one book from a list I have of books first graders should read.

I just love her spelling work today. It was one of those awe moments. I usually make up extra spelling since her book only covers the normal spelling words not the 4 extra from the teachers book and I do test her on the extra ones. Here is today's work....
We both read from our history book. Learned about different places and historical items in the US one of them was Boston. she was so excited to know how close we are to it. We read about the Liberty Bell. Here is Samantha's Liberty Bell

I was reminded the other day that this is poetry month. So I am going to start adding in reading poems each day.


happy's mommy said...

That spelling paper is a keeper!


Jen said...

It sure is! I thought it was so cute!