Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Today we did a mini lesson on money. Samantha read the book I planned on using while I was in the shower and she was so excited to learn that I was going to have her design her own money.

So first we read the story and talked about the different kinds of money and bartering...

Then she got out the air dry clay and started to design her money.... she tried to make a few different styles of money from the book.....
She has money that has holes in the middle so she can put it on a string and wear them like the money the people of China used many years ago. Some had faces on it. She tried to make very tiny money like the people of India used called Fanam. She also made her own paper money.

She then made a very big one. Just like they had on the island of Yap. Only those were about eight feet wide and weighed three tons!!! I love how she added the year on this one.

After she was done with the school day she then made a vending machine to use her money it. She raided the snacks and put them all in this vending machine. I love her imagination!

Today was a fun day. Samantha is on cloud nine knowing her brother Nick is here visiting. She wanted to know why today was such an easy day. She breezed though math it was all very easy work. Then phonics was done in no time, really easy too. Spelling she got most of the words correct when I drilled her so she only had to write 2 words 5 times. She even read her reader with no problems. Its fun to have these days. The day just flowed.

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